How To Better Utilize The Lawn Aerator

Lawn aerators are great tools to use on your lawn so as to keep it healthy and beautiful. What is involved in aerating a lawn? When you aerate your lawn, you basically make holes in the ground. This is so as to make sure that the soil doesn’t become so compacted that essential light and water may not reach the roots of grass and plants.

When using lawn aerators there are numerous factors to take into account so as to ensure that you get the most gains from aerating. The optimal time to utilize lawn aerators is any time that the ground isn’t frozen. You may need to aerate your lawn at various times of the year depending upon the sort of grass that you have and the type of soil that you have. If your soil tends to be sandy then you should use lawn aerators about once per year. This is because sandy soil doesn’t become compacted very without difficulty. If you have soil that as a heavy clay composition then you will require to aerate the soil more constantly. Lawns with warm season grasses should be aerated in early spring. This is when the grass is coming out of dormancy and when the root systems will be at the peak of their active growing phase. Cool season grasses can benefit the most from lawn aerators during early fall.

It is also necessary to fathom when you shouldn’t utilize lawn aerators. Anytime the ground is frozen you should not aerate. Besides, you shouldn’t aerate your lawn when the weather is hot and dry because the lawn wouldn’t have an chance to recover.

Additionally, its not a good idea to utilize lawn aerators if you have serious-minded weed problems in your lawn. Make certain that you have resolved the weed difficulties before you attempt aerating. The reason for this is that when you puncture holes in the lawn, it’ll just cause the weed problems to escalate. It is far good to get rid of the weeds first and then take care of aerating.

When shopping for lawn aerators, you should make a point to select an aerator that will puncture the soil at least to a depth of three inches. A punch core aerator is considered by many to be the optimal sort of aerator. Not only does this sort of aerator puncture the soil but it essentially draws out a core from the soil.

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