Irrigation Repair

The most imperative aspect of a landscape is irrigation. Without the proper coverage from your irrigation system, plants and turf grass cannot reach their full potential, Bonita Valley Landscape will design and install your custom irrigation system to ensure proper 100% coverage.

Bonita Valley Landscape will install an irrigation system that will save you money by conserving water, elminating water run off. While providing the proper amount of water to your lawn areas and planter beds, this can save you hundreds of dollars on your water costs.

We use the highest quality commcerial type parts for all our installations. We provide you, our client, a full one-year warranty on all new installation.

Is your irrigation system working at its full potential? If not, you could be wasting your money. Give us a call and our irrigation experts will help you come up with a better system.

Design & Construction

For over twenty years Bonita Valley Landscape has been installing, designing, and maintaining various types of properties. Through our experience, we have realized that not much separates one landscape company from another. What separate us, however is very important: our customer service, experience and dependability.

We take the extra time to care for our clients, to fully answer their questions. We meet directly to plan out your project, to make sure what we propose is exactly what you are looking for in your project. And we make sure that all facets of your unique project are completed on time and in a professional manner.

A landscape design by Bonita Valley Landscape will make your home stand out from all others. Bonita Valley Landscape provides both residential and commercial landscape installations and designs. We give the home owner ideas and let them be part of the design project. We can take any idea and turn it into a landscape that you and your neighbor will enjoy for years.

We invite you to allow us at Bonita Valley Landscape to be part of your next landscape project.